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Physical Therapy Services in Northwest Denver

At Odyssey Performance Physical Therapy, serving residents of northwest Denver, we provide a broad range of services to help our patients live actively and pain-free so they can perform at their best. Our services include, but are not limited to:


Physical Therapy

At Odyssey Performance Physical Therapy, we are focused on how your body moves and what is happening when pain or limited range of motion impact your movement. We want you to perform your best in your sport of choice and through every stage of active living.

After a thorough assessment, we will customized a program of therapy for you designed to meet your specific needs.


Manual Therapy

We use a hands-on technique known as manual therapy to mobilize and manipulate your body in an effort to decrease pain and increase your range of motion.

Manual therapy is highly effective in adding flexibility to stiff joints and muscles.

This treatment, when coupled with our education component and series of prescribed exercises, will allow you to regain your strength faster by being able to work on your rehabilitation at home between visits.


Sports Injuries

We treat high school, college and recreational athletes who have sustained sports injuries.

Our goal is to determine the cause of the injury, reduce pain and inflammation and begin the healing process. We also work to educate the athlete and provide prescribed exercises to help prevent recurring injuries.

Sports injuries we commonly treat include sprains, strains and fractures, runner’s knees, golfer’s shoulder, rotator cuff tears, and tennis elbow.

We offer a multi-disciplinary approach to treating injuries sustained through participating in sports at every level so athletes can regain their pain-free mobility and return to their sport as quickly as possible.


Sports Conditioning

We offer sports conditioning programs customized to each level of athletic skills and to the challenges of each individual sport.

We work with weekend warriors, amateur and semi-professional athletes, and people at all stages of life who want to maintain high levels of activity.

We understand your desire to perform at your personal best in the sport of your choice and will customize a conditioning program for you to ensure that you reach peak performance.

All our sports conditioning programs are designed to help you increase strength, agility, power and speed according to your goals.

We will ensure that you do this safely within a customized program and will identify areas that need further attention to reduce risk of future injury. We will also be able to identify limitations in any movement patterns.


Sports Teams Injury Prevention

We work with sports teams of all ages and levels to establish procedures and techniques for injury prevention and acquaint athletes with the essentials or working to be their best physical selves.

Through our knowledge and advice, we get teams off on the right track with the knowledge about exercise and performance they need to push themselves to their best without sustaining injuries.

We help you set goals and build accountability into your programs and give valuable feedback to help your team members build their strength and flexibility.


Dry Needling

Dry needling is a special procedure that helps reduce acute or chronic pain in patients. It works by reducing muscle tension, promotes healing, and increases your range of motion.

Dr. Chris Van Thiel is certified to perform Dry Needling.

You may benefit from this therapy if you have neck, back or shoulder pain, arm pain, headaches, jaw pain, fibromyalgia or osteoarthritis of the joints or temporomandibular disorder (TMJ), among other conditions.

Dry needling involves having the specially certified physical therapist insert a disposable needle into your skin and muscle tissue.

It works because the needs are directed at the myofascial trigger points that cause and refer pain throughout your body. High concentrations of chemicals that cause pain can be found in these trigger points. When the needle is inserted, it helps to normalize these chemical levels and decrease muscle tension and pain.


Pre and Post-Operative PT

Research has shown that having physical therapy both before and after a joint replacement surgery will speed up healing and lead to a full recovery.

We are knowledgeable about joint replacement surgery and other surgeries and will work with your surgeon and physician as a team to determine the most effective therapy for you.

Our goal is to help you increase strength, activity and range of motion so that you can return to your normally active life as quickly as possible without recurring problems.


Concussion Management

Direct force to the head can result in a concussion, a disturbance in the brain function.

We use a number of assessment tools to diagnose and monitor your recovery as part of our concussion management program.

While physical and cognitive rest is essential in the early stages of recovery, we work with patients to ensure as their symptoms ease that that postural stability is also healthy, since the majority of concussions are often accompanied by neck and shoulder pain.


Gait Assessments

When your running or walking gait is off, not only will your ability to walk and run be compromised, but it can lead to other issues if left untreated.

We take the time to complete a thorough and comprehensive gait assessment on you and determine the real source of the problem. By focusing first on finding the cause and then providing therapy to heal the effect, we work to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.


Back Pain Prevention

In the United States both back and neck pain are prevalent, impacting more than 85 percent of people at some point in their lives. Both conditions can stop us from living life actively and serious impact our quality of life.

After determining the root cause of your pain, we work out a customized treatment plan to augment the healing process. We combine this with a set of prescribed exercises and education to help prevent recurring issues.


Balance Deficits

If you suffer from frequent falls vertigo, imbalance, dizziness or migraines, you may be experiencing a problem with your main balance system, your vestibular system.

It is important to receive physical therapy to avoid compounding the difficulties caused by imbalance issues, including a tendency to fall and create more injuries.

Dizziness and imbalance issues rob us of our independence and curtail our ability to live life fully. We have success with a variety of therapies that help us get to the root cause of your problem and work to solve it.



The support and stability of kinesiotaping for muscles and joints enhances the body’s natural healing process.

Kinesiotaping is particularly effective because it does not restrict the body’s normal range of motion and its natural soft tissue manipulation enhances the benefits of physical therapy.

Our kinesiotaping product is latex free and can be worn for several days without harmful effects. It can also help to alleviate pain and encourage lymphatic draining.


Ergonomic Counselling

We offer ergonomic assessments of your work, home, or car (wherever you spend the bulk of your day).

This is vital for your long-term health and recovery.

The most effective physical therapy will not undue eight or 10 hours a day spent with poor posture and unnecessary repetitive movements.


Functional and Therapeutic Exercises

To enable our patients to be partners in their own recovery and reach their rehabilitation goals faster, we prescribe therapeutic exercises that can be done at home between visits to our clinic.

These exercises are custom designed to meet specific needs in each patient and help build endurance, resistance and flexibility.

Functional exercises provide many benefits including improving functional capacity, building muscle strength, releasing contracted muscles, tendons and fascia, mobilizing joints, improving circulation, improving coordination and respiratory capacity, reducing rigidity and improving balance.


Functional Movements

Understanding a patient’s functional movement patterns is vital to finding a solution to pain or musculoskeletal injuries.

Physical therapists are trained to observe the performance of a person’s basic movements by placing them in a series of different movements in order to detect weaknesses and imbalance, among other things.

Basically, functional movements are those which involve two or more muscle groups through more than one plane of motion. They also frequently rely on the core musculature for stabilization.

We analyze your functional movements as part of a preventative measure to help you avoid further injuries in the future.