Meet Chris Van Thiel PT, DPT

Owner, Physical Therapist
Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Chapman University ‘15
B.S. Exercise Science, The University of South Carolina ‘12

Originally from Roanoke, Virginia, I have moved all over the United States for school. From The University of South Carolina for my Undergraduate Degree in Exercise Science to Chapman University in Southern California for my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Along the way I realized how much I missed being in the mountains which brought me here to Colorado.

When I first began working as a Physical Therapist I spent a few years working in the traditional insurance based model at clinics before I realized that I would never last a whole career that way. I was being asked to spend less and less time with my patients and water down their care just to hit the month’s numbers.

I opened Odyssey Performance in 2018 as a better way to provide care and the healthcare experience to individuals that were fed up with just being a body in a clinic.

As a competitive athlete my whole life in Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee, I understand as well as anyone that just getting rid of pain is not the answer, nor is it quality care. Too many times either myself or my teammates were released to come back without any true return to sport training. We would play at 75-80% health and often would sustain multiple other injuries throughout the season.
I needed a way to provide the right type of care to clients the way I knew how to and that they deserve. That has been my vision with Odyssey Performance. To make sure that when my patients leave my care, they are back to training at 100% and have no hesitations about what they may encounter along their journey.