What Are You Waiting For?

  Maybe you are hoping it will resolve on its own.  Maybe you think that it’s not a big deal.  Maybe you just know that it is not bad enough to stop you from doing what you need to right now.  What happens when that changes?  It does not take much for an “Annoyance” to slowly become more serious and limit your life.  So why wait to have it assessed by a professional?  

  Most people feel a little pain, rest, and try to return to what they are doing and feel no change in their symptom.  Before they know it, they are little by little restricting what they are doing, eventually avoiding complete activities “because it flares their back up” or “their shoulders’ can not handle it anymore”.  Sure at first it was a small amount of pain and did not make them change anything, but as it grew and intensified, they assumed it was part of aging or that there was nothing to do about it because if they see a doctor they will just be prescribed some pain meds or given a shot both of which they are against.  Now they can barely play with their kids, or pick up their grand kids, they have quit doing races and have to hire people to do work around their house.

  When you have a tooth ache that keeps bothering you or shows signs of getting worse, you call the dentist, go in, get a professional opinion from the specialist and take the necessary steps to resolve the pain.  Why is the rest of your body any different?  If you are having pain, be it shoulder, neck, back, wrist, knee, ankle, or foot, why would you wait for complete disability before going to see a movement professional?  If you think you don’t have time up front to get the problem resolved, realize that the longer it persists, the worse it gets, the more changes you make to your movements, the more time you will be spending trying to resolve it on the back end.  If you are concerned with the cost, it will only cost more further down the road as it becomes more complex.

  The majority of situations are able to be resolved in just a few focused sessions with the right professional and you putting in the work on your end.  Sure every situation is different, and some cases may need more visits, but there are also plenty that need only 2 or 3 visits before you have the appropriate tools to continue rehab all on your own.  The only absolute definite, is that the longer you wait, the more of an investment you will have to make, time and money, on the back end.  No one is in control of your pain, your life, other than you.  So if you do not have all of the information or skills to actively increase your quality of life, I urge you to go start the conversation with someone who does.

  Everyone has things that they love to do, people they love to spend time with.  Do not allow your pain to determine what you can and can not do.  Life is too short to lose access to those things and pain is no excuse to give them up.  You can actively take control and learn to keep your body in the best possible condition for continuing your best life.  So if you are having pain, if you are avoiding activities because you think your body can’t handle them anymore, or you are too old for them and wish that wasn’t the case; it doesn’t have to be. Maybe you are hoping it will resolve on it’s own. Maybe you think it’s not a big deal… yet.  Maybe you can still do what you need to… for now.  It is your Journey, what are YOU waiting for?