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After working in multiple clinics focused on the number of clients coming through the door, and less on the needs of the person that was there, we decided there had to be a better, more efficient option, for both the client and ourselves.  Therapy needs to be driven by you, the client, not by what insurance you have or the minimum time you need to be seen to meet insurance requirements.  Fed up with that system and realizing that you deserve a better type of care, Odyssey has been built on the mentality that this is your Journey through life, We are here to make sure you are performing as optimally as possible to enhance your experience along that Journey.

Focused on true one on one care, you spend the entire appointment with the Therapist to ensure you are getting the highest quality evaluation of all movements to enhance your rehabilitation.

We also offer gait assessments, bike fitting and balance training to keep you at your peak condition.

Chris Van Thiel, PT, DPT, clinic owner

Dr. Chris Van Thiel started Odyssey Performance Physical Therapy in 2018 to serve active residents of northwest Denver who want to perform at their best in their sporting and living pursuits.

He has a Bachelor of Exercise Science from the University of South Carolina and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Chapman University in Orange, California. He is also certified in Dry Needling.

He is motivated to help his patients live life to their fullest capability and encourages them not to settle with the idea of limiting pain and range of motion.

“I have the opportunity to make a large impact on people’s lives by using my skills and knowledge, and I want them to have the best quality of life possible, and not be limited by pain and diminishing range of motion,” he explained.

He works with a lot of recreational athletes who need sports conditioning or rehabilitation after sports injuries so they can get back in the game and enjoy their sport of choice.

Dr. Van Thiel enjoys helping people at all levels of physical activity to be their best, whether they are training to run marathons or just want the physical strength to be able to pick up their grandchildren.

When he is not working he enjoys hiking, snowboarding, playing Ultimate Frisbee and Spartan races. He also enjoys spending time with his Catahoula, Otis.